PlayStation Remote Play on Linux

One of my favourite PlayStation 5 features is the ability to stream games to other devices, so I can squeeze in some gaming without taking over the TV. There are official Remote Play clients for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, but Linux isn’t supported. Instead, I’ve been using an open source client called Chiaki that works well with a little configuration. Here’s what I did to get it set up and streaming smoothly on Ubuntu 22.04:

1. Download Chiaki

Download the Chiaki AppImage file from the project’s homepage, and make it executable by running chmod +x <file>.AppImage. On running, it’ll spot your console on the network.

2. Get Your PSN Account ID

You’ll need your PlayStation Network account ID to set up Chiaki for remote play. This is not the same thing as your PSN account name, and Chiaki’s maintainers provide a python script you can run in a terminal to retrieve it.

Once you’ve got your account ID, you’ll need a registration PIN from your console. On PS5 you get this in SettingsSystemRemote PlayLink Device.

Generate a registration PIN on this screen and enter it in Chiaki’s settings, along with the account ID you retrieved in the previous step.

Optional: Tweak Chiaki’s Settings

Chiaki’s default settings caused occasional visual and audio hiccups for me. Local network conditions are likely a factor, but when troubleshooting the audio problems I happened across a Reddit thread that suggested increasing the size of the audio buffer.

A screenshot of the settings I've configured for Chiaki

I increased the audio buffer size to 19200, and the bitrate to 30000. These changes resolved the audio and visual issues I was having.

4. Play!

You’re all set! Here’s Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion running on my PS5, streaming across my home network to Chiaki on Ubuntu 22.04:

A photograph of my desk showing my laptop running a game streamed from my PS5

Games stream at a consistent 60 frames per second, with no audio or input lag. For the authentic experience I’ve paired a spare PS4 controller to my laptop. It’s well supported natively in Ubuntu - the touchpad and vibration functions work too!