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Husband, father, and software developer specialising in the front end web stack. Works mostly in JavaScript, currently centered around React and Redux. Open Web advocate and supporter of Free, Open Source Software projects. Quite excited about Progressive Web Apps and GraphQL. When not building web apps, likely to be running, reading, cooking, or playing games. Lives in Bristol, UK. Works on a cybersecurity learning platform at Immersive Labs, and previously led the dev team at Green Chameleon.

Latest Note

JavaScript developers know the pain of guarding against undefined nodes in nested objects well, with repetitive checks like:

const street = user.address && user.address.street;

The Optional Chaining ECMAScript proposal offers an elegant solution in the form of a new operator, like so:

const street = user.address?.street // won't break if address is undefined
- 07 August 2019

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"Recently I've been trying to reduce my dependence on proprietary apps and services. At first I just wanted a self-hosted alternative to Dropbox, but I quickly found I could build an entire private cloud using Nextcloud, and replace a lot of the services I used to rely on Google for." - Build your own private cloud with Nextcloud