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Mike Babb

Software Developer

Husband, father, and Software Developer turned Engineering Manager. Builds engineering and product teams and empowers them to do their best work. Open Web advocate and supporter of free, open source software projects. Based in Bristol UK. Loves reading, running, cooking, playing games, and time with family.

From the Blog

"One of my favourite PlayStation 5 features is the ability to stream games to other devices. Linux isn't officially supported for Remote Play, but I've been using an open source client that works well with a little configuration. Here's what I did to get it set up and streaming smoothly on Ubuntu 22.04."

Latest Note

After a decade of full time Linux use I’m getting to grips with Windows 11 for work and it’s… fine, actually. There’s window tiling and multiple desktops so I can keep my productivity habits, and WSL is pretty seamless for running a local dev environment. I’ve mapped my usual terminal keyboard shortcut to Ubuntu in WSL so muscle memory drops me straight in to a familiar environment ⌨️

It’s early days but I think the switch is going to be alright! 🪟

🗓 30 January 2023