Mike Babb

Software Developer

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Husband, father, and software developer specialising in the front end web stack. Works mostly in JavaScript, currently centered around React, TypeScript, and GraphQL. Open Web advocate and supporter of Free, Open Source Software projects. Quite excited about Progressive Web Apps. When not building web apps, likely to be running, reading, cooking, or playing games. Lives in Bristol, UK. Works on a cybersecurity learning platform at Immersive Labs, and previously led the dev team at Green Chameleon.

Latest Note

A brilliant comic explaining how smartphone contact-tracing can alert people to potential exposure to COVID-19 without location tracking or other data collection: https://ncase.me/contact-tracing/

- 27 April 2020

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"Ubuntu 20.04 was released on 23 April, and it looks really good. I decided to upgrade my home laptop, and this post is a little summary of how I've gotten on with the new OS." - Ubuntu 20.04