Mike Babb

Front End Web Developer

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Specialises in front end web development. Open Web advocate and supporter of Free, Open Source Software projects. Works mostly in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, currently focusing on React and Redux. Open source contributor. Quite excited about Progressive Web Apps. When not building websites and apps, likely to be running, reading, cooking, or playing games. Lives in Bristol, UK. Works on a cybersecurity learning platform at Immersive Labs, and previously led the dev team at Green Chameleon.

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“Create your own dysfunctional single-page app in five easy steps” describes a few common traps that product teams can fall in to working on single page applications: https://tinnedfruit.com/articles/create-your-own-dysfunctional-single-page-app.html

- 31 October 2018

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"I recently decided to migrate my website from WordPress to a set of completely static pages, and settled on Jekyll for managing my site content." - Migrating from WordPress to Jekyll