I've been actively reducing the time I spend on Twitter lately after noticing that more often than not it leaves me feeling sad, frustrated, or even angry. I joined years ago to keep up with tech news, network with other web developers, and share articles and tips. Twitter has undergone a lot of changes in the time I've been using it, and I've found a tech-centric Mastodon instance that's a much more pleasant venue for the kinds of discussions and link-sharing that I initially signed up to Twitter for, so I've been using that instead.

The shift to Mastodon got me thinking a bit more about how I can keep track of all the links and snippets of news that interest me enough to tweet/toot them, since even on that decentralised network I don't have any control over the content if anything should happen to my account or the instance. So I've added notes to my website - a place to collect links and thoughts that aren't long or detailed enough to be blog posts. Twitter and Mastodon are microblogging platforms after all, so why not microblog on my own domain too?